The Horsepower Systemtm Suite

The Horsepower Systemtm suite of tools is based on the Primal Management book by Paul Herr.


  • Personalized link to your Horsepower Systemtm portal (i.e.
  • Consultant based self-administered online administration system
    1. No limit on number of clients you can add to your system
    2. Personalized survey waves per client
    3. Personalized invitations and reminders per client
    4. Tiered pricing based on total number of surveys completed across clients
    5. Easy upload of client organization structure and respondents
    6. Easy online billing
    7. Easy permission system for all administrative components
  • Easy to use online reporting system
    1. Respondents gain automatic access to reporting for their level within the organization
    2. Compare Overall results to any/all levels of the organization
    3. Fully customizable charts (customizations stored locally in cookies)
    4. Instant reporting on survey results
  • Online survey system
    1. Invitations and reminders are sent out automatically
    2. Token based fully anonymous survey system
    3. Multiple response protection (Respondents can only fill out survey once per wave)
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